Exam 70-270 – Microsoft’s MCDST Windows XP Examination Guidelines

Exam 70-270 is one of the Microsoft certification examinations and the name of the examination is MCDST Windows XP. This certification is designed for the candidates who wish to gain knowledge and skills in the ability to solve the end user incident request by troubleshooting as well as configuring windows XP operating system. This examination is one of the examinations for certifying MCDST certification. Exam 70-271 is the other examination for certifying with MCDST.

Prerequisites for this examination:

For writing this exam, there are no specific prerequisites required for the candidates but it is recommended to have some basic knowledge about the Windows XP operating system like Windows XP home edition, XP professionals that include with Microsoft office tools as well as Microsoft outlook express.

How to practice for the exam?

Candidates can practice for this exam by reading the following sections and they are:

1) Installation process of windows XP professionals on your computer
2) Configuration of internet connection firewall components (ICF)
3) Configuration as well as testing several TCP/ IP by using commands such as PATCHPING, PING and TRACERT.

Exam objectives:

The following are the examination objectives of 70-270 and they are:

1) Configuring application security
2) Solving issues that is related with usability
3) Troubleshooting as well as configuring applications
4) Solving issues related with customizing applications
5) Troubleshooting as well as configuration connectivity for the applications.

Job roles and other details of the exam:

After successful completion of this examination, candidates can get several job opportunities for several positions in the top companies. Some of the job roles include: PC support specialists, technical support specialists, customer support representatives etc. The exam comprises of 50 multiple choices, drag-drop, built a tree, reorder type questions. Time duration is approximately 90 minutes and the minimum score to pass in this examination is 700 out of 1000 (70%).

Career Goals & Projects

In order to be happy and have true purpose your goals should be aligned with your deepest principles and values and with your most genuine dreams and desires.

Meta Goals or Highest Level Goals Meta goals or our highest level goals usually express large, abstract ideas, like Health, Contribution, Love, Ecstasy, Pleasure, Security, Self expression, Prosperity, Satisfaction.

These goals are what motivate us in all aspects of our life.

Some Meta Goals:

o We want to look good.

o We want to feel good.

o We want to be right in all that we do.

o We want to feel safe.

o We want to avoid pain.

Being consciously aware of our meta goals or higher level goals and the role that they play in our lives is very important. We must realize that we can create our own meta goals. Working with our own meta goals will give us a unique purpose in life which is larger than self-fulfillment.

Goals and Projects – Choosing the Right Career

Your goals must be set by you, Your goals should not be things you think you want or things that please your parents or partners. Look at your meta goals when setting your career goals.

I want my career to make me:

o Feel good.

o I want to be professional and do things right in my career.

o I want to feel really satisfied at the end of each day.

o I want to progress up the career ladder and have high earnings potential.

o I want my career to enable me to provide for my family.

o I want my career to be in balance with my life in order to have a good work/life balance.

  • ————————————————————————————————
  • ————————————————————————————————-
  • ————————————————————————————————-

Please fill in your own meta goals and truly honour them.

Setting Your Career Goals

o In my career I want to actively enjoy my work at least 3 days a week.

This goal will honour the meta goal of contribution, satisfaction, self expression, and pleasure. On the other days at work I do not mind that I am not enjoying myself because for 3 days of the week I am honouring my meta goals and I feel happy and fulfilled.

Your Goal Must Be Specific

Goals are an intention not a prediction. Goals focus your energy and direct your attention towards things you desire to accomplish.

o My career goal is to find an enjoyable, rewarding career.

o I have 2 months to find an enjoyable, rewarding career.

Managing Your Career Goal List

o Draw up monthly, weekly and daily goals that move you closer to attaining your new career.


Apply for 1 new job every week.

Improve my CV.

Carry out research on the company I am applying to.

Prepare for my interview.

o Revise your list continuously and take out goals that you have decided not to aim for.

o Mark the goals that you have completed.

This process is most effective if done every day.

Set Goals That Are Going To Stretch You

If you want reasonable success and satisfaction create reasonable goals. If you want more than this then you will have to stretch yourself and have extraordinary goals.

o How far are you willing to stretch?

o How extraordinary are you willing to be?


o How can I stretch myself and make extraordinary things happen?

You could look for a mentor, somebody who is doing what you want to do.

o Talk to them.

o Model what they are doing.

o You could employ a career coach.

Find a way to shift your goal from impossible to possible.

Do Not Set Unrealistic Goals

Set your goals based on what you are willing to make happen. This will be difficult and challenging at times but embrace the challenges you face along the way, move forwards and upwards.