Make Money Writing Articles for Magazines

The purpose of this article is to dispel the myth that magazine article writing jobs are only available for the highly trained or the connected. Almost anyone can make money writing articles for magazines. You will know when you are ready to do so once…

1. You have gotten to the place where you are confident with your blog writing skills and you can easily crank out a couple of posts every single day. You wait for Google to index your traffic so you can start making some real money from your advertising. It is a hit or miss scenario and, unfortunately you will not if your writing is good or not for at least another 90 days.


2. You write articles for somebody else who is going to use them on the Internet. However, they pay you about $0.02 a word no matter how good the article actually is.


3. You write a 500 page article on a topic that you know well and you get paid $250 from your favorite magazine.

Which option seems the best for you?

I am guessing that the third option is definitely the most palatable for almost every person.

Here are some steps to land some magazine article writing jobs and head in the direction of your dream career.

1. Put together a listing of magazines that will sell your articles – If you Google “Magazine Article Jobs”, you should find a couple of different listings within 30 seconds of your search. You want to start out by casting a wide net and coming up with a large list of places where you can post your article.

2. Narrow your targets down to a listing of about 10 different magazines in a specific niche – You can write about your life as a parent or you can write about your technical knowledge and skills. It does not make a difference but you want to focus on a niche that is big enough where you will have 10 or more options but no so big that you will not be able to crack the competition.

3. Go to the Submission Page for the Magazine – Most magazines will have a submissions page where you can submit your idea for your work or you can submit your actual work. The better publications will give you feedback within a certain period of time which is great. Your writing is critical but what is just as important, or potentially more important, is how you position yourself. For example if you are writing on Medical topic, then your credibility will be greater if you are in the Medical profession.

Here are some keys to remember –

a. Give them exactly what they are looking for – Most people will disqualify themselves right off of the bat because they will not provide the information that the magazine is requesting. Do not be one of those people.

b. Sell yourself well in your submission – Remember they are buying you just as much as they are buying what you write. Create a compelling story about yourself that communicates that you are interesting but you are also somebody who is credible and that they can trust. That will go a long way.

c. Find places to gain your credentials – If you have not yet been published in a magazine, you should submit your work to online Ezines or websites. Even a couple of references to places where you have been published is better than not having any references at all. Plus, the other advantage is that you can practice your writing skills in these posts.

d. There is power in numbers – Getting accepted to for magazine article writing jobs is difficult in the beginning. The key is to keep submitting and keep submitting until you have your first work accepted. It may take up to 50 tries to get submitted. However, once your article is accepted by the first publication, it will be much easier to get accepted in other publications in the future. The important thing is that you keep submitting and improving your work based on the feedback you get, both positive and negative from your submissions.

Other benefits of submitting to magazines, even if your work is not submitted –

If your work is submitted and when you are compensated, you most likely will not be able to reuse the work.

However, you can use your published work or non published work as a launching pad for future work or future money making ideas.

Below are a couple of ideas –

Link to your published work on your own blog – Being published in a major publication is a definite credibility boost. Milk the PR that comes with being published and use that as a launching pad for another product or service. Depending on what you write about, you could also offer coaching services for people.

If your article goes unpublished, then publish it yourself – There is no reason that the work has to go to waste. Publish it yourself and you may find that you make more money in the long run than if you never published it in the first place.

Just get going and start applying for magazine article writing jobs today and you will be in great shape.

Learn How to Speak German the Easy Way

In order to learn how to speak German the easy way, you need to learn how to speak the basic German Vocabulary first. Most people forget about the basics, and they end up struggling by the time they reach the more difficult to speak sentences. German is a beautiful language that takes weeks and weeks to learn and speak fluently, but those who want to learn will be able to as long as they’re able to put effort into their learning. With these very simple tips, you can be sure to speak German the easy way.

Learn how to speak German the easy way.

The importance of learning basic German vocabulary:

The basic vocabulary of the German language is vital to learn. For example, make sure that you know how to say the days of the week in German, months, colors, months and the time. By learning these basic words, you’ll get to expand upon them and grow your natural sound of the language. I cannot stress this enough, as so many people try to constantly move forward at learning the language. They just simply say the longer phrases without actually developing a good tongue for the easiest words in the language. The understanding of the basic vocabulary will help give you the knowledge that you need to learn the other, harder parts of the language better.

Getting a professionally made course:

When you’re taught the basics and the advanced tips of the language, you can really get the right tongue for speaking the language in the best way possible. What you need to understand is that a course like Rocket German can really help you out on speaking the language successfully. By getting the right education and help, you can receive exactly what you need for achieving the best knowledge on the language. With a real course filled with audio, e-books and videos, you will really learn how to speak German the easy way.

Use software:

Some software that teaches the language can help you build your confidence in speaking with others. Most people tend to learn it all on their own, and they even understand the language perfectly, but they just don’t know how to speak with others, understand what others are saying, and reply back in a good manner. With a software, it’ll sort of be like you’re talking to somebody, and you’ll be shown the correct way to speak and understand the language. It’s definitely going to be helpful to do this, as the software will allow for you to hear yourself later on.

The German language may not be so easy to learn, but these tips are definitely going to help you out tremendously. They are definitely going to help put you off in a good start for learning the language even better in the near future. Remember, the first tip on learning basic vocabulary is of utmost important. You need to make sure that you know all of the basic words so that you can build upon the basic vocabulary and potentially get better.

The Secret to Writing Online Articles

Aside from being resourceful tools for many internet users, online articles are now a method used by marketing bodies to get free media hype. Online businesses are now embracing articles posted online as a perfect means to have readers visit their websites through links anchored on the articles.

More and more people are being engaged on writing articles online because of its benefits. For one, writing online gives exposure that you can take advantage of especially if you own an online business. In order for you to keep the beat on writing articles online, you can consider the following points to remember.

Always write in an environment you are mostly comfortable with. If you find writing at home comfy, then you can spend some hours in your room, in the living room or in the dining area, wherever you are at ease. Writing without any surrounding noise is recommended, but there are those writers who prefer plugging some music on their ears while writing articles. You can have a desktop or a laptop, whatever is available for you. An internet connection will greatly assist you on researching about your topic, so always take note that the faster connection is the better.

You can go for two ways which you can walk through on writing articles. The first one is writing personal choice of topic that you want to share to those people who might be interested on what you can say or those who might be particularly looking for that matter over the internet. The other way you can take is looking for article marketers who hire writers to write for them. In most cases, specific niches are targeted by these marketers who want their websites to gain traffic through the articles you will write. If you write well enough, you can earn some income through your writings.

Many online article writers nowadays are joining source websites of online article write-ups as they are paid for the efforts they exert for writing. You can search for these companies through search engines if you want to be part of one or many online article directories.

One thing that you have to learn about writing online articles is the right use of SEO or search engine optimization. Through this, you do not only give informative and pioneering articles to your reader, but you also pave the way for the websites to rank well on search engines.

Always enjoy it when you indulge yourself on online article writing. The creative juices you have in your mind can be squeezed to write interesting stuff that many individuals can read. As you carry out your style of writing to others, you also share essential information that will be beneficial to others.